About MNL

About MNL



The MNL® is a company founded in 1979 that features metal quality solutions for finishes in construction.

We specialize in the manufacture, development and assembly of metallic solutions as coating of ventilated facades, steel structures and roofs, door frame of aluminum, iron, stainless steel and glass.

The knowledge acquired over the past 36 years in equipment, human resources, improvement and innovation of our works, makes our company safe and reliable for the future, with capacity for an integrated approach in the global construction world.

Our credibility in the construction market, due to its high quality products, services and to a team in constant formation and evolution.

The success acquired is based on the use of cutting-edge technologies and an expert team fully adapted to the specificities of the company, to the characteristics of the work and the requirements of the client. From the beginning we focus on personalized service, always attempting to meet the needs of the client, always using the flexibility, confidence and team spirit.

MNL's quality policy reflects above all the affirmation of commitment on the effective implementation of all the services provided, looking continually achieve and exceed the expectations of its Customers complying with applicable legal requirements. MNL has implemented a Quality Management System, according to the Norm NP EN ISO 9001, in order to continuously increase the ffectiveness of its products and processes.

The MNL Management is committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and its continuous improvement.




"The M.N.L. is a company you can trust. For all they have done over all these years."


First of all, I want to thank you for your willingness to meet here today at the Marriott Hotel and to congratulate you on MNL's well-deserved successes. It's been a good 15 years since I've been able to prove your competence in Central Park's work and it's to be praised wherever you have come - so keep it up!."